Opening Soon

Our online store will be RE-OPENING FALL 2019 Please add your e-mail below to be notified when our store is open for business. By purchasing our candles, you are not only helping our veteran organizations financially, but you are also joining the Liberty Candle family in helping remind America of her Warriors and their Families. As divided as our nation is today, our hope is to help our nation come together. Most of us can agree that, regardless of why our nation sent them, our Warriors didn't ask to be there, but they volunteered to go. Their Families are without them. We can come together around being mindful of, praying for, and checking in on our Warriors and their Families, as well as the Leaders that send them into harm's way. Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you will come back in later this month to get your own Candle, as well as SHARE this message and our hope. As a Veteran, thank you for praying for our men and women around the world. Godspeed! -James Dressler Founder, Liberty Candle Company LLC Veteran, US Air Force Husband, Father, Son, and Patriot